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re: Regarding possibly porting Debian GNU/BSD to the PowerPC.

   How exactly can I work on the BSD kenrel on my iMac running Debian Sid
   PPC Linux?  I have a 12 gig hard drive.

hmm, do you have another (unix) machine?  netbooting netbsd on the mac
is the simplest way to do this, and it doesn't require repartiting
your hard drive... if you don't, you'd need to repartition the drive
and install netbsd on the new partition.  see
for details on installation, etc.

you *should* be able to compile yourself a development environment
on the linuxppc installation.  i can provide details on how to do
this from a NetBSD /usr/src tree... it supposedly works on netbsd,
linux & solaris now... but i've never tried it non-netbsd, but i
have used solaris to build both i386 & sparc netbsd kernels in the
past using other less simple methods... the current method of
cross compiling is fully supported in the netbsd tree.

   Do I need to be a current debian developer?  The only thing I need done
   is my key signed.  Maybe someone could do it?

anyone can contribute to this project.  from what i've seen, many
of the major contributors are _not_ current debian developers but
they probably will be :-)

it would be great to get "debian gnu/netbsd/macppc" working :-)

ps: it seems to me that most people so far have not touched the
kernel, but rather have been working on userland issues... i dunno
i just provide a netbsd developer's POV. :-)

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