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Regarding possibly porting Debian GNU/BSD to the PowerPC.

	I am Patrick Klee, I am in Wichita, Kansas in the US of A.  I would
really get a kick out of porting the BSD kernel to the PowerPC.  Some
questions come to mind when I thought about porting:

How exactly can I work on the BSD kenrel on my iMac running Debian Sid
PPC Linux?  I have a 12 gig hard drive.

Also, how do I distribute the code to people, for I don't have a working
CD Burner?

Do I need to be a current debian developer?  The only thing I need done
is my key signed.  Maybe someone could do it?

Anyway, I know people have older G3's.  Maybe there is someone who knows
companies that can send other macs, older macs with the right tools.  I
promise to compensate with outstanding work.

Someone PLEASE email me.  I would even try an openbsd port. and let me
know, and since I get 1000-2000 emails a day, please mark as urgent so I
get the ! in my email and the subject.  "Hmmmm!  GNU/BSD PPC?", that way
I am sure to get it.  

Thanks and regards,
Patrick Klee
Version: 3.12
GCS d? s: a-- C+++ UL++++ P L+++ E+++ W+++ N+++ o-- K++ w--- 
O- M++ V-- PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP+ t+++ 5+++ X+++ R++ tv++ b++++ DI+++ D--- 
G e h! r% !y+ 

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