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Re: make-bsd, pmake, and /usr/share/mk, oh my

On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 08:59:15PM -0700, Joel Baker wrote:
> So... pmake claims to be "BSD 4.4 make", and in fact appears to be a not-
> unreasonable copy of the NetBSD make sources. Is there any particular
> reason that the make-bsd and netbsd-mk packages in the chroot can't be
> replaced by the Debian-standard pmake package, if it gets updated (it's
> a few revisions behind, it looks like, but that's a wishlist bug for the
> author and easy to patch against for us).

FWIW, pmake compiles on FreeBSD, but doesn't seem to actually work. It
keeps complaining that it doesn't know how to make pmake...

I was trying to use it to build ash, but gave up and hacked the rules file
to use the FreeBSD make. (I wanted ash for MAKEDEV, which of course, doesn't
work with bash...)


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