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re: make-bsd, pmake, and /usr/share/mk, oh my

   >   I'd been under the impression that pmake was some sort of parallel make
   >   (though I'm not sure why), so that can probably be assumed to just be me
   >   being stupid. I don't see any reason not to use pmake instead (other than
   >   it being a bit out of date).
   >it is.  parallel make that is.  there are ways to even make it spawn
   >commands on other hosts... i think it comes from the sprite program
   >originally, but the multi-host code isn't entirely complete last i
   >looked... but i thought someone was fixing it (in netbsd)
   The remote execution code was ripped out of it shortly after it was imported
   into 4.4BSD in 1990. There's no indication in NetBSD's CVS that anyone is
   working on it either. However there are still bits and pieces of it hanging
   around; I don't know why no-one hasn't tidied them away...

that's cuz the plan is to fix them up :-)

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