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I have PAM 0.75 source that builds and appears to work if I use shadow
with it. 6 patches from the NetBSD port seem to be enough to get it to
compile, but I needed to add a check for pwent->pwexpire being 0 (the code
assumes that if the current time is greater than the expiry time then the
password has expired, even if there isn't an expiry time set). With that
done, I can rebuild my patched shadow utils with PAM and login seems to

On a separate note, msyslogd builds happily but uses /dev/log as its
socket by default. The NetBSD logging functions seem to be expecting
/var/run/log - symlinking the two work, and you can pass an option to
msyslog to make it produce /var/run/log instead. What's the preferable way
to do this?

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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