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Re: SysVinit?

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 06:48:12AM -0500, JSFrick wrote:
> Is there an existing implentation of syvint for BSD?  Has anyone 
> modified the Debian version to work?  I'm terribly unknowledgeable about 
> such things,  but it seems it would be possible to trick sysvinit into 
> thinking it's talking to glibc.  Couldn't someone just tweak the header 
> files?  That seems to be all that would be neccessary to get sysvinit to 
> compile on BSD,  although I don't know if that would make it work once 
> it was compiled.
>    The reason I ask is that this seems like one of the first steps to 
> molding a BSD kernel into a Debian system.  I haven't heard any mention 
> or seen any evidence of work in the one download I was able to locate.
>     Also,  is there any place I could go to get some remedial 
> instructions about running a chroot development environment?  I'm not 
> sure I completely grasp how you can make a discrete system this way.  I 
> had just planned on using a mininal install.
>    I'd appreciate any advice I could get on these matters.  I'm very 
> interested in this project,  and would like to contribute some work 
> without reinventing the wheel.

	Without having looked at the sys5init, but with many years 
	of porting experience, it shouldn't be that difficult.  Wasn't
	someone on this list considering this some months back?

	Also of note in a related field is that one of the FreeBSD
	contributors has a sys5-like /etc/rc package.  This never got
	very far because the ``FreeBSD Powers'' wanted to stick with
	their implementation of /etc/*

	I've run // administered both favors of Linux and BSD over the
	past 8 years but have stuck with the Berkeley distribution 
	because it has become second nature.

	Welcome to the project!


   Gary Kline     kline@thought.org   www.thought.org     Public service Unix

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