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compiling netbsds binutils for openbsd?

I am trying to get a working binutils to interact with
dpkg-shlibsdeb and debhelper.

Openbsd's is broken, but netbsd's seem to work fine. So I am
trying to recompile the netbsd tools and libs needed for
compiling the netbsd objdump on openbsd. I think I came quite far
allready, but fail right now at the final linking stage. There
the linker says 'unexpected end of file' and quits. I tried to
find out more with ktrace and friends but to know avail. I do not
even know WHICH file ends apruptly. 

Has someone gotten this to work allready?

Is there a proven way to compile netbsd stuff on openbsd? 

will the netbsd objdump work with openbsd in the first place?

is there a way to get more debugoutput out of ld (or rather gcc,
which is called here)?

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