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Re: Problems with init

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 05:22:19PM -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
  <description of rc.d system>
> FreeBSD is now (I understand) adopting our system.
> I strongly suggest studying it before throwing it out. Simulating SysV
> init script behavior is pretty trivial in our system, except for the
> fact that we don't have run levels. We decided that in practice people
> don't actually need or use run levels although they very often claim
> to want them.

I support using the NetBSD init system, with a compatibility layer for
packages which expect the old system. It will be a bit of a hack at
first, when no packages support it. But it truly is a better solution
to the problem, and I would hope that eventually most or all packages
would support it.

Of course, the people writing the code have the final say on this sort
of thing at this stage in the project. If porting init is the approach
people are taking, that is fine. It leaves something for me to do when
I get this project swapped in. However, I would encourage people to
not set design decisions (especially ones motivated by pragmatism) in
stone this early.

In short, I like the NetBSD rc system. But if you want to hack
something else, feel free. Just stay away from making decisions about
what Debian-BSD *will* be based on what people are hacking on now.

Ok, I'm posting too much and coding too little.


PS: If we get the compatibility layer solid, it would pave the way for
Linux Debian to switch to the NetBSD style init. </heresy>

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