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Re: Problems with init

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 05:22:19PM -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> NetBSD has an rc system that was designed by Luke Mewburn based on
> some ideas of mine (and a program I wrote called rcorder). Rather than
> having the files in the rc?.d directories run in a lexically defined
> order, they run in a dynamically computed order based on
> dependencies. This works a lot more nicely and is pretty logical. We
> switched to the system a while ago.
> FreeBSD is now (I understand) adopting our system.
> I strongly suggest studying it before throwing it out. Simulating SysV

there was a discussion on (I think) debian-devel not such long ago about
replacing current debian init scheme with something more Makefile-based,
with dependencies 
People generally liked the idea, but feared the work it'd take (I, for
myself, would support it)

Do NetBSD startup scripts providel reverse dependencies?
I mean, when you are starting e.g. nfs-server, it depends on
nfs-common, that depends on portmap, and that depends on networking,
so these scripts are run in correct order.
And when I decide to stop networking, does it know to stop first
nfs-server, then nfs-common, them portmap and finally networking?

> init script behavior is pretty trivial in our system, except for the
> fact that we don't have run levels. We decided that in practice people
> don't actually need or use run levels although they very often claim
> to want them.

Of all the runlevels there are, I ever used only 2 (default), 6 (reboot),
0 (halt), 1 (single user).
So there for the need for runleves :-)

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