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Re: hmm...

Mark Eichin <eichin@thok.org> writes:
> > One misunderstanding that I have read, is that many Debian users believe
> > that the BSD ports/packages systems are week or don't work very well --
> The particular case that pkgsrc falls down on is upgrading a
> compatible library.  In debian, if libpng2 gets a fix, a new rev of
> libpng2 goes in "in place".  In pkgsrc, the only way to replace
> libpng2 would be to uninstall everything that depends on it, then
> replace it, then reinstall everything on top.  Arguably correct in an
> impractical sort of way...

It does sometimes happen this way, but that is a deficiency of the
tools, not of the package itself.

One of the reasons I find the discussion here interesting is precisely
because the Debian tools appear in certain important respects to be
better. However, I'm not deeply interested in replacing our init with
someone else's init.


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