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Re: hmm...

Color me an ignorant NetBSD hacker -- what is FHS?


bbarnett@L8R.net writes:
> > Yes, I can see that. There are things that I myself don't like about
> > Debian policy... such as FHS. I know that some pretty good BSD folks
> > have some pretty good reasons to dislike FHS. OTOH, there are some
> > advantages to the consistency given by the Debian system... there's
> > lots of hypocritical Linux distributions out there who claim to be FHS
> > compliant but aren't really. The question will be, does the Debian
> > project (as a whole) care more about having a great, universal OS, or
> > does it care more about being compatible with a bunch of 2nd-rate Linux
> > distros? You'll notice that there's talk of not going along with LSB
> > because they want us to accept inferior RPM packages... :-)
> I don't see why, debian has accepted RPM packages for years.  Alien
> + RPM is all that is required for LSB compat.
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