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Re: debian-compat on NetBSD-i386

Quoting Richard Tibbetts <tibbetts@MIT.EDU>:

> Since it seems to have been coming up on the list lately, I did the
> most extreme form of "interim packages" and replaced NetBSD's SuSE
> based linux-compat with a debian-based on. [...]
> Of course, I know this is the wrong solution, you don't have to tell
> me that. As I said before, I am unlikely to devote significant hacking
> time to making this system better, because I think it will never be
> more than adequate. But it looked like some people might be about to
> duplicate the effort.

If you mean me, I was actually thinking of the direct opposite.  The
last thing we want is a debian-compat package for NetBSD.  Rather, I
was thinking of something like a NetBSD package for Debian.  (I say
"something like" because I was actually thinking it'd just be a part
of the base.tgz, installed with the rest of the base system.  So the
base system is installed as always on a Debian install, but it uses
the NetBSD kernel instead of the Linux kernel, with the Linux
compatibility flag set and pointing it to use Linux libraries in
their standard Debian installed locations.)  We want NetBSD to be a
part of Debian, not Debian to be a part of NetBSD (if that makes any
sense -- oh well, *I* know what I mean, and "debian-compat" packages
like the suse-compat packages in NetBSD are pretty much the direct
opposite of what I want to achieve).

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