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debian-compat on NetBSD-i386

Since it seems to have been coming up on the list lately, I did the
most extreme form of "interim packages" and replaced NetBSD's SuSE
based linux-compat with a debian-based on. apt-get works, but there
are a fat pile of bugs still. I don't know if the platonic ideal of
Debian linux-compat is worth the effort, so I am at this time unlikely
to spend much time fixing things. This mostly came about from being at
Usenix in a crowd of NetBSD and Debian developers and being able to
pick both sets of brains.

A web page describing how to make it happen, and the short list of
bugs I have uncovered so far, is available at

Of course, I know this is the wrong solution, you don't have to tell
me that. As I said before, I am unlikely to devote significant hacking
time to making this system better, because I think it will never be
more than adequate. But it looked like some people might be about to
duplicate the effort.


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