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Re: results

resultsI'm willing to give a hand on the website development and maintance.
If you have any problems with the hosting let me know, I'll work something

* http://www.debianbox.org *

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From: Andreas Krennmair
To: Debian-BSD Mailinglist
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 12:22 AM
Subject: results

As I didn't get more emails, I counted all votes and computed the
1. kernel
NetBSD kernel   59.259 % (16 votes)
FreeBSD kernel  29.629 % (8)
OpenBSD kernel   7.407 % (2)
Darwin kernel    3.703 % (1)
2. userland
GNU utilities + very system dependent userland utilities 95.45 % (21)
"native" userland + some GNU utilities                    4.55 % (1)
only the userland that came with the kernel               0.00 % (0)

I think the result's pretty clear, the majority prefers NetBSD, mostly
because of its portability (Debian on a VAX or a Dreamcast would be
great fun, eh? ;). Some also said that FreeBSD would be better in terms
of speed. The userland results are even more clear, the only reason I've
read is that this is the only possibility to do it "the Debian way".

What's Next
So, what's next? We first need some webspace to build up a website. Do
we get any webspace from Debian? If not, we should consider putting the
website on sourceforge.net. Who wants to maintain the website?
Next, I'm going to post a list of all packages needed for the base
system also with some points to be discussed.
Andreas Krennmair
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