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Re: assimilating OpenBSD

* Wartan Hachaturow (wart@softhome.net) [010210 00:53]:
> When I've been making debhelper port, I've changed calls of "find" and
> "xargs" to "gfind" and "gxargs", but we should really think about it.

I think, your second option - install the gnu tools as package
tools - is the most effective and practicable one.

I thought about this during the last week; 
there are some really nasty bits and peaces, were you would have
to change the structure of the scripts and programs to be able to
cleanly use the openBSD tools. 

But from the security point of view it would be fine, if we
managed to have the DEBIAN/ scripts free of gnuisms, so that the
endproduct (by default) would be gnufree again. This is not such
a bit loss, since most of the fancy options are not needed in
real live so often.

THe tests I did indicated that the openBSD tools in fact were
capabel of UNpacking all the stuff that the gnutools genarated. 

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