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RE: assimilating OpenBSD

Mark Berry writes:
[snip] > 
 > Another notch for FreeBSD over OpenBSD as the 'base' of the movement is the
 > ports directory.  It's going to take a -LOT- of time to base the packages
 > and building of the packages from tar-balls.  there are a LOT of tools out
 > there and a LOT of work has already been done in the port projects.  We can
 > leverage the work that has already been done by re-implimenting the built
 > port packages into the deb's.  This would allow us to get a lot done very
 > quicly.  Maybe on some of the software we will feel that we can do a better
 > job building it than the BSD team.  (I personally doubt that we can).. but
 > thats not really the scope.

First of all, this *BSD ports base is entirely unnecessary.

Most all of these ports/packages are already packaged on Debian.
An autobuilder will do most of the work in this area.

What's needed is a `base' debian-bsd system.  The basic (/bin,
/sbin) *BSD binaries is what is needed to be packaged the Debian

Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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