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Re: Lots of Questions

Brent Fulgham <brent.fulgham@xpsystems.com> writes:
> We are at an impasse.  We haven't been able to agree on a common
> goal for this project.  To put it in inflamatory rhetoric ;-), 
> it seems that most of the BSD folks don't really want a "Debian"
> version of BSD at all, or at least they don't want dpkg, binary 
> package distribution, the GNU C Library, or any of the rest of the
> Debian infrastructure.

Build it and they will come.  You could make arguments about the relative
merits of the GNU C library vs. the BSD C library, but to all but the most
particular, it doesn't matter very much.  I for one would be delighted to
have the debian package infrastructure with, say, a NetBSD kernel.
[Especially if I could have it on a VAX.]

I suspect, if it is presented to them correctly (i.e., functioning), many
of the people in the BSD camp would gladly abandon their "pure"
distributions to get apt and all it implies.


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