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Re: Lots of Questions

*eventually* I'm probably going to go off on my own and do some sort
of debian-on-bsd (and possibly a debian-on-solaris, for approximately
the same reasons), which would consist of enough "equivs" to provide
the installed OS as a base for dependencies, and then builds of a
limited set of interesting packages.  I'm not going to try and get
too much outside help -- this list has made it clear how much
corresponding flamage would go with it :-) -- but then again, it isn't
a project that would *need* that much help, if I'm trying to build the
packaging infrastructure and maybe 100 or so packages (what an
infrastructure server would need) rather than the 6000 or so we have
now.  It is a fair way down my list of "things to get someone to pay
for", though.

			_Mark_ <eichin@boxedpenguin.com>
			Instant Infrastructure

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