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RE: Lots of Questions


> - What *BSD are you working on?
> - What is the aproach? Do you try to package the *BSD system or
>   are you recompiling the Debian packages on the other
>   kernel/libs?
> - What about libc? And the other libs?
> - What are the problems you face?

We are at an impasse.  We haven't been able to agree on a common
goal for this project.  To put it in inflamatory rhetoric ;-), 
it seems that most of the BSD folks don't really want a "Debian"
version of BSD at all, or at least they don't want dpkg, binary 
package distribution, the GNU C Library, or any of the rest of the
Debian infrastructure.

That being the case, I don't know that we have anything to offer
that the existing BSD projects don't already have, except for the
Debian Project name and people.

So, I don't think we really invision doing much at this point, since
we are not going to move from our binary-based distribution to some
kind of ports-based setup.

Others are free to voice their own opinions (of course!) ;-)


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