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Re: web page?

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 04:48:54PM -0400, Mark W. Eichin wrote:
> Yeah, this list serves mostly to keep the flaming off of -devel :-)
> Apparently the idea itself will cause the end of civilization as we
> know it, or something.  (We also get flames from the BSD side, about
> causing yet-another-split...)

	Hmm, oh yeah, the ``there're already too many versions''
	camp.  But the 3 Net|Free|OpenBSD are already extremely

> However, the archives should have a pointer to at least one attempt to
> start down one of the 6 paths [part of the problem is that "Debian
> BSD" can describe a whole spectrum of interesting but distinct
> things:
> 	bsd kernel, linux emul, debian-linux userspace on top.
> 	bsd kernel, glibc port, rebuild (but not rewrite) packages.
> 	bsd kernel, bsd libc, port linux packages
> 	bsd kernel, bsd libc, debian-packages of the *BSD* user space.
> There is of course significant variation in what goals lead to what
> choices; also, they're not completely inconsistent, you can have a
> system that includes enough of the first and fourth branches to be
> interesting both sets of people...]
> I'm still interested, and in fact may end up doing it as part of a
> high quality network service product (debian packaging, BSD kernel -
> if nothing else, it'll confuse the hell out of the script kiddies :-)

	One gentleman in FreeBSD-land has created a Sys-5//Linuxesque
	system admin package.  He gave up after digging several
	flaming arrows from his chest.  I was all for this take-the-
	best-of-both FreeNixes admin approaches.  But... . 

	When/If you ever create your hybrid I'd shore be interested in
	putting it on my spare server.  Currently I've got 3 boxes:
	2 FBSD, 1 SuSE Linux.  Also, I'd use your DebianBSD for when
	I go native|naked--DSL.  

	(FWIW: DaemonNews.org is interested in this project.  I've 
	 been writing for the zine since it began and would like to
	 write articles on this New and Improved BSD.)


> My original interest was to get something useful on my collection of
> Sun 3 hardware, since at the time, bsd on a sun 3 "just worked"
> whereas linux still need another few rounds of making the MMU work at
> all.  I may get back to that once I do the business version...
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