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No, pkzip

Well, Jordan brought up the issue on a -current thread last week.

no, not bzip, but pkzip's zip format.

Unfortunately, the archive hasn't gone live for the week ending the 19th,
but when it does for freebsd-current, look for an article from JKH regading
sysinstall: is it really at the end of its lifetime?  or such.

All I can remember is that it allows for description files to remain
in the header of the file such that PLISTs and the such can be dealt
with in a better manner..


Orignial message follows.
From: Steve Price <sprice@hiwaay.net>

I don't know where the original poster got this information from,
but I've never *ever* heard anyone talk about using zip for FreeBSD's
packages.  Not speaking for FreeBSD, but from the best of my
knowledge there is aboslutely no plans of changing package formats.
We will have a new install program and possibly a revamped set of
pkg_*(1) utilities, but I've never heard of using zip from anybody.
Free, non-free, or otherwise. :)


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