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Re: Debian FreeBSD - experiment

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Wednesday 17 November 1999, at 18 h 24, the keyboard of Piotr Roszatycki 
> <dexter@fnet.pl> wrote:
> > ftp://ftp.fnet.pl/pub/debian-freebsd/
> > There are 80 Debian packages for freebsd-i386 architecture.
> Great job. Congratulations. Could we have a small documentation about its 
> architecture?

Ooops, sorry, I forgot upload documentation :(
I'll do it for a few hours when I gonna back to my home.

Short note:

freebsd-i386 distribution is based on native FreeBSD libc3. I've used
sources from original FreeBSD RELEASE-3.3 distribution (libraries,
kernel, gcc, dynamic linker) and from Debian slink. Perl is taken from
Debian potato.

libc6 was replaced by libc3 (native FreeBSD), ld1 (dynamic linker), 
libm2, libmd2, libcrypt2, libutil2, libgnugetopt1, libkvm2 and libintl1.
gcc was taken from FreeBSD sources (so many changes).

My packages use yada packaging technology, so it is possible to 
distribute separated patches. Original Debian sources doesn't
support more than one source patches, then modification of source is harder 
to do. 

Unfortunately Debian is too Linux specific. I've used variables
returned by dpkg-architecture for detection new environment, but
it isn't standard described by Debian Policy, yet.

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