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Re: Debian FreeBSD - experiment

On 18 Nov 1999, Peter Makholm wrote:

> > Well, I think it should be in the main distribution anyway, so people will
> > see that it exists and hook up to this list.
> Some place in sid along with other unreleased unfinished ports
> shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, that was what I had in mind.

> Psycological it would be nice to have it there. It would mean that
> it's an ``official'' port which could make it more easy to get bugs
> fixed in the real debian packages.

Exactly. Ideally, all Debian packages should compile from the same source
tree on both Linux and FreeBSD. I'm not sure if the Debian tools are
good enough to support this, but I think Marcus Brinkmann discussed this
on the debian-hurd list earlier this year.

> The files in debian-freebsd/source is that the same as in the real
> debian archive of have you tweaked something to get it to compile?

There were FreeBSD specific diffs for most of the packages.

> The libc3 package is that FreeBSD's libc?
> It could make som confusion with libc4, libc5 and libc6.

IMO, we should rename libc6 to gnu-libc2 or something like that, and name
the FreeBSD libc freebsd-libc3 (or whatever the version is). But I realize
this is something that will take a *lot* of time, so its definitely
something to do after potato.

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