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Re: Debian FreeBSD - experiment

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Piotr Roszatycki wrote:

> > Seems pretty awesome! You should talk to the Debian archive maintainers to
> > get this onto the main sites. Are you a Debian maintainer?
> Yes :)

Great. Me too.

> But I'm afraid it is too early for getting it to main distribution.
> My proposition lacks some essential packages, like sysvinit, base-passwd,
> kernel-image, fdisk, mount, and others.

Well, I think it should be in the main distribution anyway, so people will
see that it exists and hook up to this list.

> This "distribution" requires original FreeBSD RELEASE-3.3 installed, yet.

This is something we should try to get rid of, of course. It won't be
easy, but once it's done we should try to get the patches in upstream. I
suspect the FreeBSD boys won't be completely happy with us doing a
distribution which will be a direct competitor to their own (but of course
I may be wrong here), but I hope arrangements could be done anyway.

> I could upload it to my account on master.debian.org (about 85MB).
> I understand bandwich from my site could be poor.

Yeah, getting it onto master is probably better than hosting it yourself.
Especially when we get a wider audience.

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