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Re: Progres?

On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 09:24:47PM -0400, Clint Adams wrote:
> > Why bother porting non-base packages, since FreeBSD has linux
> > emulation mode?
> What?  Why emulate when you can compile natively?
> > It seems to me that dpkg and apt are not compatible with BSD
> > ports.  What debian-bsd needs is a good packaging system, that
> > handles dependencies properly, dist-upgrade properly, etc.
> How is this Debian?  Why not just enhance pkg_add?
> > Isn't this the whole reason for debian-bsd - a proper packaging
> > system?
> Seems like all you need is the ports tree and a couple of shell
> scripts to automate upgrades.
> > And what a waste a bandwidth with all sorts of people running
> > cvsup from their cron.  Give me binary packages and apt upgrade.
> So run dpkg and apt in emulation.

	This was the general conclusion that people reached some
	months back; both BSD and Debian folks.  

	Both are outstanding projects, so let's cross-pollinate,
	Since FreeBSD has Linux emulation, &c.  I would like
	to see things go further, but then we get into fistfights
	and brawls over the BSD vs the GNU licensing issues.

	Note that my bias is for the GNU CopyLeft ...  but 
	hey, let's keep that quiet.


   Gary D. Kline         kline@tao.thought.org          Public service Unix

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