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Re: Progres?

> Nice to hear. So what are now the important things to work on? I think
> we should try to revitalize the work on this port.

Well, firstly, I'm not what we're trying to create here.  Are we
doing Debian with a Free/Open/NetBSD kernel?

If so, we need to identify any conflicts with the base system and
resolve them.  If we can go glibc, we should probably do that and
keep the *BSD libraries in a compatibility package(s).  In addition,
we are bound to want/need to keep a lot of the FreeBSD base system
in addition to or in lieu of the Debian/Linux stuff.  For example,
netbase should probably go completely out the window in favor of
the BSD equivalents.  Since netbase is firmly intertwined in the
dependency system, it may not be as simple as a divergent source
package creating a same-named binary package.

Once an existing BSD system can install debs we can look to
bootstrapping new systems and porting other packages.

By the way, are there any licensing problems which will crop up?

What resources do we need?  I assume space on cvs.debian.org would
be a good idea.

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