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Re: Progres?

On 99-10-26 Clint Adams wrote:
> > Nice to hear. So what are now the important things to work on? I think
> > we should try to revitalize the work on this port.

> Well, firstly, I'm not what we're trying to create here.  Are we
> doing Debian with a Free/Open/NetBSD kernel?

We are mostly trying to create a better package system for FreeBSD in
combination with the other good aspects of Debian. If I seem to recall
the discussion at the beginn correctly.

> If so, we need to identify any conflicts with the base system and
> resolve them.  If we can go glibc, we should probably do that and
> keep the *BSD libraries in a compatibility package(s).  In addition,

Well, I think we should leave the BSD libraries where they are and use
them instead of porting linux libraries to BSD. Why should we do that?

> we are bound to want/need to keep a lot of the FreeBSD base system
> in addition to or in lieu of the Debian/Linux stuff.  For example,

Why not? The base system of FreeBSD is in my opinion very nice and the
concept with either installing binaries oder building everything from
the source is great (espacially make world). So I think we should try to
kepp such aspects.

> Once an existing BSD system can install debs we can look to
> bootstrapping new systems and porting other packages.

Right, but we first need to agree how such a BSD-System should look.

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