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Re: Progres?

According to Christian Kurz:
> On 99-10-25 Clint Adams wrote:
> > > So how much of the basic decisions have been made on Debian/BSD?
> > > Is there a project leader, any plans? Has anybody looked at how
> > > difficult it will be to port dpkg to FreeBSD?
> > I briefly tried with FreeBSD 3.3 (19991008-STABLE).  Everything
> > but md5sum and dselect compiled with only a few lines changed.
> Nice to hear. So what are now the important things to work on? I think
> we should try to revitalize the work on this port.

	I believe Steve Price, one of the leading BSD porters did
	the dpkg work; it isn't surprising that so much worked out
	of the box.

	Some N months ago the most popular idea was to do the min
	work necessary to get a DebianBSD version out the door.
	The more I think about it now, this makes a lot of sense.

	So here's wishing you gentlemen the best; hope that this 
	time some CD's come out of the idea!




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