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RE: FW: testing, testing

Hamish wrote:
> As well as the kernel there's a bunch of kernel-specific 
> utilities I expect,
> like most of /sbin. Anything which sets things up inside the kernel,
> like networking (ifconfig, route, etc), file systems (mount, 
> fsck), etc.
> This seems like a reasonable idea for a project and shouldn't 
> be too much work (compared to a whole port).

I agree.  This seems like a good stepping off point at any rate.  
The 3 or 4 of us on this list so far would be hard-pressed to get
even this much done in a short period of time ;-)

> That's true, they would. An idea I have been pushing a bit is 
> to have dpkg running on FreeBSD to manage /compat/linux (or perhaps 
> /compat/debian).
> Perhaps standard linux-i386 packages could be installed onto 
> the system (using dpkg/dselect). It would only be necessary to port and 
> hack dpkg to do this.
I like this idea, too.  It gives the BSD user a clean way of using many
Linux tools without messing up their standard distribution.

> Most of this effort is based on the premise that the FreeBSD kernel
> is better than the Linux kernel. Unfortunately it's hard to comment on
> that without causing a flamewar :-)
I'm not sure that's entirely true.  I think that the BSD probably has
some strengths that would be of use to some people who are very happy
with the Debian distribution, and might like a BSD kernel for its 
stability/networking strengths, while wanting the Linux user tools.


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