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Bug#950587: Also impacted by this bug.

Due to wrong cmdline parsing, the installer failed to setup debian properly for an ARM device where MTD partitions are provided by bootloader.

The bootloader pass this cmdline:

cmdlinepart.mtdparts="spi0.0:512k@0(uboot)ro,3M@0x100000(Kernel),12M@0x400000(RootFS1),2M@0x200000(Kernel_legacy),256k@0x80000(U-Boot Config),256k@0xc0000(NAS Config)"

The debian installer creates /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf

    # Local module settings
    # Created by the Debian installer

    options cmdlinepart mtdparts="spi0.0:512k@0(uboot)ro,3M@0x100000(Kernel),12M@0x400000(RootFS1),2M@0x200000(Kernel_legacy),256k@0x80000(U-Boot

which is rubbish...


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