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arm64/daily/netboot/debian-installer/arm64/initrd.gz - black screen

I'm using arm64/daily/netboot/debian-installer/arm64/initrd.gz and
use a different kernel and modules to install debian on apple m1
machines. At the moment the installer seems to just print a black
screen. Any ideas?

I tried the following:

        - Use the oldest daily image, same problem
        - Used a good old known kernel config, same problem
        - Tried to revert a patch in u-boot that sets the background
          black (instead of white), no luck.
        - Tried DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text or newt

When I switch to the second console, I get a console, when I start
'debian-installer' from there, I also get a black screen.

Here is a video: https://tg.st/u/VID_20220323_202740277.mp4

While I was writing this email a user found a solution:


which fails and the fallback for it seems to work. Anyway wood be nice
if someone could fix that.


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