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Bug#991627: installation-guide: expand firmware-related documentation

Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> (2021-07-30):
> Don't know, if I am better in this respect, but here we go :-)

Thanks. :)

> Regarding the mentioning of "black screen":
> I seem to remember that there were also reports, that people had a garbled
> display instead of a black screen, so we should way something like
> "In some cases, a successful installation can still end up in a black
> screen or garbled display when rebooting into the installed system. If that happens, some
> workarounds can be tried to log in anyway"

You're absolutely right, I was so meaning to reproduce the black screen
thing that I completely forgot about that other possibility! Adjusted
both 2.2 and 6.4 to mention this other failure mode.

> -----------------
> "Once logged in into the installed system, it is possible to automate
> the detection of missing firmware, and to perform the require steps to
> enable them following this procedure:"
> require -> required

Embarrassing typo, thanks for catching it.

> -----------------
> "<itemizedlist>
>   <listitem><para>Pass the <code>nomodeset</code> option on the kernel
>   command line. This might help boot in a <quote>fallback
>   graphics</quote> mode.</para></listitem>"
> boot in > booting into (?)

Oh, I think I meant “failsafe” here rather than “fallback”. Now I'm not
sure which version I prefer… I'll keep the wording you reviewed; but I'm
happy if others want to switch later on.

A few searches around the web seems to show that “into” is more popular
than “in” in this context, so I'll take that suggestion.

As for boot→booting, I'm seeing this:

    help [sb] do [sth],
    help [sb] to do [sth]

so I think I'll keep “help boot into” in the end (but happy to hear
about native speakers, not sure it's worth looping d-l-e@ in for this).

I've also taken your other suggestion/other mail into account.

New branch → pu/firmware-v2; probably best reviewed with something like

    git fetch
    git diff --word-diff origin/pu/firmware-v1..origin/pu/firmware-v2

I think I'll wait a little (a few hours) in case someone else wants to
chime in, but I'll probably upload this shortly (this European evening).
I'm assuming the l10n robot will update the po files once I've pushed
this to master?


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