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Bug#991627: installation-guide: expand firmware-related documentation


Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> wrote (Fri, 30 Jul 2021 03:44:44 +0200):
> pu/firmware-v1 exists now.
> > I'm not very used to best practices when it comes to end-user doc in
> > general and to the installation-guide package in general, so I'd be
> > happy for other to build on those suggested changes, and amend/reword
> > as required!
> That's still true!

Don't know, if I am better in this respect, but here we go :-)
(also, not a native english speaker here)

Regarding the mentioning of "black screen":
I seem to remember that there were also reports, that people had a garbled
display instead of a black screen, so we should way something like

"In some cases, a successful installation can still end up in a black
screen or garbled display when rebooting into the installed system. If that happens, some
workarounds can be tried to log in anyway"


"Once logged in into the installed system, it is possible to automate
the detection of missing firmware, and to perform the require steps to
enable them following this procedure:"

require -> required


  <listitem><para>Pass the <code>nomodeset</code> option on the kernel
  command line. This might help boot in a <quote>fallback
  graphics</quote> mode.</para></listitem>"

boot in > booting into (?)


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