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Bug#991627: installation-guide: expand firmware-related documentation

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2021-07-29):
> [ RT and isenkram maintainers in the loop for information ]

[ removed now. ]

> At first glance, I'm proposing:
>  - not to change 2.1.5;
>  - to amend 2.2, mentioning graphics cards might be problematic, and
>    mentioning nomodeset as a possible workaround (plus another pointer
>    at 6.4 right after that);
>    → https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/installation-guide/-/commit/09375ab4dfd366560d86bda554cd8d89c8920294
>  - to extend 6.4, mentioning nomodeset again (for people who haven't
>    seen 2.2 first), as well as an automated way to detect and install
>    missing firmware.
>    → https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/installation-guide/-/commit/ed2ec80f30e4a024ed5d061e03251af5f7a28e00
> For now, both commits are in a pu/firmware-v0 branch in the
> installation guide repository.

pu/firmware-v1 exists now.

> I'm not very used to best practices when it comes to end-user doc in
> general and to the installation-guide package in general, so I'd be
> happy for other to build on those suggested changes, and amend/reword
> as required!

That's still true!

> Some remarks:
>  - There's a copy-paste for the “nomodeset” option, which I suppose
>    could be avoided with some include logic. This might avoid duplicate
>    works on the l10n front (which might be important due to the next
>    point).

Removed the duplicate, as that one might not be sufficient.

>  - This is a *possible* workaround, as I have not been able to test it
>    (I couldn't reproduce the black screen issue with test hardware). I
>    plan to have some kind of survey organized to see if people affected
>    by this issue can confirm.

Installing buster, I'm faced with a similar issue on the Vivobook
(Radeon) but this does look more like some initialization problem due to
outdated driver more than about missing firmware. Toying with nomodeset
(and variations) or vga doesn't help X start up. But Ctrl+Alt+F2 and
Alt+→ work so I documented the former as another possible workaround.

>  - 6.4.1 points at `unofficial/non-free/firmware/` which have been made
>    to work out of the box (as much as possible) as detailed in #989863,
>    but “the archive (tar or zip) on a separate support” use case wasn't
>    tackled yet (in particular detecting graphics firmware might be
>    required, even if the installer didn't spot that on its own due to
>    using generic drivers). I don't think it makes sense to document that
>    separately, as we might improve this in a point release, and the
>    “nomodeset workaround” + “isenkram procedure” combination should be
>    enough to fix things up from the installed system.

No changes here. This needs more (technical) work, post-11.0.

>  - I documented in a note what happens with that “isenkram procedure”
>    since mentioning non-free seemed to be the bare minimum. We might
>    skip mentioning contrib though (see earlier note in 6.4.2; the logic
>    is exactly the same though — same code!).

Now mentioning non-free only, as it's done in the previous section.

>  - Documenting what isenkram-autoinstall-firmware does means we should
>    check what happens for each major release, to keep up with the
>    current implementation. Doing that once every two years doesn't seem
>    unreasonable though.

Still true.

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