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Re: Possible kernel bug


This message contains information you might not want to known.
You all have been warned.

On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 08:42:40PM -0700, Brian Koblenz wrote:
> I have observed hangs only during boot after usb_modeswitch
> Is this even the right place to report these kinds of issues?


Mailinglist debian-boot@lists.debian.org is about development
of the software collection that make installation possible.

No advice on where to go next.

Advice: Dig deeper, research what is going on.

Start reading the usb_modeswitch manpage again.
Aim for the original goal.

Hardware was bought with the assumption "supported by Linux"

Geert Stappers
Mocking good people over bad hardware decissions
Silence is hard to parse

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