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Bug#983494: arch-test breaks debootstrap into empty chroot

Also struggling with something similar, I thought I hit this bug, but actually no. Let me bring more details.

> arch-test looks for its test files *inside* the chroot;

That's not how I read the code. It copies the helper in the chroot, and then it runs it with chroot:


And here's a corresponding trace, while running it with '-x':

++ basename /usr/lib/arch-test/arm64
+ HELPER_F=arm64
+ cp -p /usr/lib/arch-test/arm64 /builds/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-docker/arm64/kali-rolling/arm64
+ trap 'rm '\''/builds/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-docker/arm64/kali-rolling/arm64'\''' 0
++ chroot /builds/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-docker/arm64/kali-rolling /arm64
+ MSG=
+ '[' 127 -eq 0 -a x = xok ']'
+ echo 'arm64: not supported on this machine/kernel'
arm64: not supported on this machine/kernel
+ exit 1



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