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Possible kernel bug

I have built a fresh version of Buster.

I have a ZTE M833V usb dongle plugged into my Raspberry Pi3+.

I have observed hangs only during boot after usb_modeswitch for the dongle.  (But the usb_modeswitch log indicates it completed successfully.)

I have a script that I run at boot that looks to see if the dongle is "successfully mounted" within a minute and if it is, it reboots.  If the dongle is not mounted, the system is effectively hung and I cannot lsusb, or reset the device, or even reboot.  The problem occurs on 5%-40% of boots.  Unfortunately, it does not occur fully repeatably.

I am attaching two /var/log/messages logs.  One is from a successful boot and you can see that /media/pi/ZTEMODEM is mounted.  The other is from a failed boot and you can see that there are kernel exceptions and tracebacks every minute.

I have also observed that unplugging the dongle and replugging it in generally allows for the system to continue, because a USB_DISCONNECT is seen.  But I cannot figure out how to force that behavior in software since my attempts to reset the device hang.

I am at a loss as to how to proceed.  Any thoughts?

Is this even the right place to report these kinds of issues?


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