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Re: Speed up installation: activate eatmydata-udeb by default and include eatmydata package in /pool

On Sun, 14 Mar 2021 03:18:12 +0300
ValdikSS <iam@valdikss.org.ru> wrote:

>  1. eatmydata-udeb should be enabled by default, to speed up the
>     installation process. It should not require to be enabled from
>     preseed file or bootloader cmdline. It's pointless to use fsync()
>     in installation process, the user won't attempt to fix partially
>     installed system due to power loss, it only slows it down.

I am concerned with low memory installations. I suggest that under low
memory conditions eatmydata-udeb should be optional.

Do you have any data that would help a low memory installer decide
whether to use it or not?

Does anybody read signatures any more?


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