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Fresh install of Debian 10.2 subject to bug #860533


I wasn't sure where to report this, so I'm shooting here.

I recently installed Debian 10.2 on a new machine, and went with manual
partitioning, putting the swap on an encrypted mdraid with a random key,
and the result is that booting the system would have a very large delay
on boot.

In recovery mode (or normal more without quiet on the kernel command
line), I was able to see a loop of messages saying "Running
/scripts/local-block ... done", which led me to find bug #860533, and it
turns out the problem was related: something in the installer had filled
/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume with "RESUME=/dev/mapper/md2_crypt",
and that doesn't work, which makes sense considering the random key.

Arguably, the initramfs hooks should probably complain about this setup
too, but it seems the installer should also avoid creating it in the
first place.



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