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Re: Bug#928404: unblock: glibc/2.28-10


Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org> (2019-05-03):
> The glibc package in version 2.28-10 currently in sid mostly updates the
> git-updates.diff patch to the latest upstream stable branch:
> - Fix security issue CVE-2019-9169.
> - Support for the new Reiwa era to the ja_JP which seems to be something
>   quite important for Japanese people. 
>   provide shared libraries (not) tuned for the corresponding platforms.
> - Fix for an infinite loop in the pldd binary, which makes it unusable
>   (regression from stretch).
> - Support for vector instructions related hwcap on s390x to allow one to
> - Fix for a riscv specific issue in a file which is not used on other
>   architectures, so with no risk for them.
> In addition to that it includes a fix for a bug in dlopen introduced by
> an arm patch, but affecting all architectures.
> I believe that all the above changes are suitable for buster. If you
> agree, could you please unblock package glibc:
> unblock glibc/2.28-10

All tests look good, no objections.

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