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Bug#928408: network-manager missing from lxqt desktop

Package: task-lxqt-desktop
Version: 3.52

The package network-manager and everything form which it is dependent on
is missing - consequently, there is no tray-icon and it is not possible
to connect to a network. It is very complicated to install this package
if you have no network connection at all because of all the
dependencies. Well I am just a user, no computer scientist or
programmer, but I am quite sure that this is not because of some missing
wifi firmware. This appears to be a package dependency bug. I suggest to
make the whole meta-package dependent of the network-manager or
something like that.

I did not type in any commands to check this in the terminal, just
looked in Synaptic and the network-manager is definitely not installed.

Using Debian Buster (Testing) Lxqt, installed from both the official and
unofficial Debian live hybrid iso, downloaded yesterday.

Hope this report is useful and can/will be accepted.

Thanks in advance


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