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Bug#928299: installation-reports: network-console doesnt set password hash, ssh not possible

Dear Cyril,

Am 02.05.19 um 10:32 schrieb Cyril Brulebois:
> Control: tag -1 patch pending

that sounds good…

> Control: reassign -1 network-console
> […]
> It seems crypt() is no longer declared as it used to, and we get
> implicit function declaration warnings from gcc, which later explains
> the segfault at runtime.
> The declaration is guarded by __USE_MISC but #define'ing it doesn't seem
> to be sufficient. I've decided to add a <crypt.h> include, which seems
> to do the trick: gen-crypt no longer segfaults, and seems to return
> suitable results on my amd64 machine:
>     kibi@armor:~/debian-installer/packages/network-console$ ./gen-crypt foo
>     $1$g.dM....$EJhR11EsVD5jY1Smnomsc0A
> Source uploaded to the archive (1.81), then it'll get picked up by the
> buildds[1] and later made available in daily builds. It'd be nice if you
> could double check that the runtime within d-i is also fine.
>  1. https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=network-console&suite=sid
> Thanks again for the report & follow-ups (und vielen Dank zu Marc for
> the initial forward from the user list).

Many, many thanks to all involved people for your immediate help. I'm looking very forward to one of the next of Buster's weekly-builds :) .

> Cheers,

Have a nice day,

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