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Bug#928299: installation-reports: network-console doesnt set password hash, ssh not possible

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Marc Haber <mh+debian-packages@zugschlus.de> (2019-05-02):
> On Thu, May 02, 2019 at 08:00:52AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > Marc Haber <mh+debian-packages@zugschlus.de> (2019-05-01):
> > > at least today's daily installer snapshot has a totally broken
> > > network-console. It asks for a password and confirmation and then
> > > prompts to continue isntallation with ssh installer@<IP-Address>.
> > > 
> > > However, no password hash is written to /etc/shadow, hence login into
> > > the installer is not possible. After changing to a different virtual
> > > console of the installing system and putting a valid password hash into
> > > /etc/shadow allowed installation to continue.
> > 
> > Any chance you'd know when it last worked for you on sid or buster?
> Years ago. I seldomly use the installer myself, I was just investigating
> a report sent by a user to debian-user-german. I have asked the original
> reporter.

OK. What does /etc/shadow look like?

network-console does that in its postinst script:

    echo "installer:$(gen-crypt $PASSWORD):1:0:99999:7:::" >> /etc/shadow

with gen-crypt reading some tiny amount of data from /dev/urandom. I'd
be happy to see a syslog of an affected system (please compress it when
attaching it to the bug report).

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