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Re: Bug#902226: debian-installer-netboot-images: FTBFS in stretch, even when allowing network access

Hi theres,

Le lundi, 25 juin 2018, 01.33:38 h CEST Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2018-06-24):
> > At first glance, it seems to me this bug could be addressed in two
> > different ways, which don't seem to be too convoluted. The first way
> > would be to try the s-p-u download and fall back to s download, for each
> > and every download. But this could (probably only theoretically) lead to
> > inconsistent downloads, mixing bits and pieces from s-p-u and from s.
> > Plus plenty of errors when the default location isn't the right one.

Exactly. If a pure s-p-u build fails, it's because the s-p-u debian-installer 
isn't built on all architectures, so the d-i-n-i s-p-u build should really 
fail. (acronyms ftw)

> > I suppose a better way would be to figure out with an early test if the
> > target version is available in s-p-u or in s, and then pick the right
> > suite for all downloads. Patches for this second approach are welcome.

That seems more fool-proof and consistent: download from a single suite: 
either from s-p-u or from stretch only, and for all archs.

> I've pushed a prospective branch (pu/fix-ftbfs-in-stretch) with two commits:
> https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/debian-installer-netboot-images/com
> mit/86f910f8e1e60e308747a7f53045862705b0a132
> https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/debian-installer-netboot-images/com
> mit/eb2e5b3fb437b288c4c83427fb1c0d213f7b5a5e

Looks good to me, given that strategy.

> Only checked with the first few architectures (still on limited bandwidth),
> but that seems to do the trick. Slightly not happy about having that check
> and fallback done for each and every architecture (instead of once and for
> all), which could again lead to bits and pieces from both sources mixed
> together); but I guess that's a reasonable compromise (no big changes needed
> in the code).

I've tried for some time to (ab)use make targets to modify DISTRIBUTION 
depending on partial calls to get_images, but failed.

Given my failed attempts, I suspect your patches are the lesser evil	for 
solving this. But I'm not convinced that solving this is better than ensuring 
we only ever build "pure-stretch" or "pure-stretch-proposed-updates" d-i-n-

> I'll let others comment on this bug report plus proposed solution; Didier
> maybe?

Thanks for the explicit ping; I'm not on top of Debian things these days.


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