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Bug#902226: debian-installer-netboot-images: FTBFS in stretch, even when allowing network access

Control: tag -1 patch

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2018-06-24):
> At first glance, it seems to me this bug could be addressed in two
> different ways, which don't seem to be too convoluted. The first way
> would be to try the s-p-u download and fall back to s download, for each
> and every download. But this could (probably only theoretically) lead to
> inconsistent downloads, mixing bits and pieces from s-p-u and from s.
> Plus plenty of errors when the default location isn't the right one.
> I suppose a better way would be to figure out with an early test if the
> target version is available in s-p-u or in s, and then pick the right
> suite for all downloads. Patches for this second approach are welcome.
> (Currently travelling, not easy to test things needed network access.)

I've pushed a prospective branch (pu/fix-ftbfs-in-stretch) with two commits:

Only checked with the first few architectures (still on limited bandwidth),
but that seems to do the trick. Slightly not happy about having that check
and fallback done for each and every architecture (instead of once and for
all), which could again lead to bits and pieces from both sources mixed
together); but I guess that's a reasonable compromise (no big changes needed
in the code).

I'll let others comment on this bug report plus proposed solution; Didier

(Of course testing needs to happen when there's a version in s-p-u again.)

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