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Re: unblock: ca-certificates/20180409

On 06/13/2018 02:35 AM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
It seems the block-udeb isn't the only blocker though:
     Migration status: BLOCKED: Rejected/introduces a regression
     Updating ca-certificates introduces new bugs: #895482

and I see no severity downgrade in that bug report?

It was upgraded back to serious again, yesterday, after some testing feedback.

Also, I should have mentioned this in my dda@ mail I suppose:
     63 days old (needed 5 days)

If a given package has spent that much time out of testing, it probably
can wait a few days while we're going through the late stages of the d-i
release process. It should only be a matter of days or hours now. ;)

I'll get back to your package later if we spot any issues that would
need to be addressed before we release; or it's going to be unblocked
automatically when I unfreeze udebs.

Thanks for the note, I appreciate it.


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