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Bug#901332: d-i: Offer to shut down / power off instead of reboot at the end

Ben Hutchings dixit:

>virt-manager (or maybe the underlying libvirt) seems to handle this:
>when you create a VM and provide an installation image, it is
>automatically detached when the VM reboots.

Indeed it does. However, virt-manager also insists on
automatically starting the VM, and I usually also change
something in their settings _before_ the installation,
so I can’t use that feature. (It does offer changing some
settings before initially starting the VM, but that doesn’t
have the final configuration, and is *extremely* laggy up
to unusable if libvirt runs on a different system than
virt-manager.) But…

>> So, please, at the end, where it tells the reboot message, add
>> a third button that shuts down / powers off the system instead
>> of rebooting.
>Still, I do agree that this would be useful in general.

… that, yes. In general, this is probably useful.

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