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Re: [l10n-sync] Updating sync script on git migration

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):

> I think it would make sense to have you in the d-i gid, so that you can
> access dillon, and re-enable crontab entries, maybe subscribing to cron
> mails? Of course I could re-enable those crontab entries myself but I
> won't be able to fix any possible fallouts in the upcoming days.
> What do you think?

And, as explained in private mail to Cyril, it would make sense to
have me.....out of the d-i gid, given my lowered activity nowadays
(the swith to Salsa did ring the final bell, I think).

It also makes sense to drop my account from the installer team on
Salsa (or whatever it is called there) whihch will save me from commit

Dropping me from Uploaders is also a good idea (I never found time to
do that while we were still on Alioth).

As I explained to several people already, this is part of /me
resigning from Debian one day or another, given that my priorities in
life have switched gradually.

I'll reamin subscribed to -boot so please feel free to  ask for help
and advice, particularly in this D-I l10n world, which we started to
build about 15 years ago..... (I think that my first commits to D-I
SVN (or was it CVS?) go back to 2003 or so)

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