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Re: debootstrap: [idea] force review before commit to master

On Sun, 20 May 2018 at 22:23:27 +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> And as expected, autopkgtest actually fails because no-one tested it in
> recent releases (presumably). Which is why one wants automation, right?

I added the test because I was trying to make sure a specific regression
didn't come back, after several iterations of trying to meet various
people's criteria for how debootstrap and container managers should
interact. I'd be very happy to see more coverage there.

I would recommend running autopkgtest with the qemu virtualization
backend before committing significant changes to this particular package:
unfortunately, other backends like lxc leave the test running with
restrictions that make it unable to get full coverage. I tried to make
it skip the relevant parts, on the basis that something is better than
nothing (and in particular ci.debian.net only runs tests under lxc,
not under a full qemu VM) but what's left isn't really enough to be a
great smoke-test.

This is far from the only package with that problem: bubblewrap and
flatpak, which also use namespace/container-related syscalls, don't seem
to work in an ordinary lxc container either. Nested containers are just
not something we can expect to work gracefully right now.

> It's also possible that it just fails because the environment on the
> runner is weird and doesn't allow unshare and the specific things
> debootstrap's script tries to test... Which would be unfortunate. (It
> fails with a different error on my machine.)

If parts of it can't be run on particular runners, then that's a shame,
but it would be better than nothing for it to detect that and skip them.

The use of unshare -m seems to have been to make sure that the chroot's
bind mounts for /dev etc. would vanish automatically, which is really
just a convenience rather than something functionally required; so if
the container manager used on Salsa for Gitlab CI (which seems to be
Docker) doesn't allow unsharing the mount namespace, it would be OK to
do something like this (untested):

    # during setup

    my @maybe_unshare_mount_ns;

    if (verbose_run(['unshare', '-m', 'true'])) {
        diag('can unshare mount namespace');
        @maybe_unshare_mount_ns = ('unshare', '-m');
    else {
        diag('cannot unshare mount namespace, are we in a container?');


    # later on, where unshare -m is currently used

    my $response = capture([@maybe_unshare_mount_ns,
        "$srcdir/debian/tests/fake/schroot-1.6.10-3", @{$extra_argv},

However, it seems plausible that Docker wouldn't allow the fake schroot
or the fake pbuilder to run either - I don't think Docker containers are
allowed to exercise CAP_SYS_ADMIN, which is needed when playing with
mount points. It might be necessary to skip that part. Unfortunately
systemd-detect-virt --container doesn't seem to detect Docker as anything
more specific than "container-other", so the test script might have to
resort to looking for mentions of docker in /proc/self/mountinfo,
or pessimistically assume that "container-other" has all possible
container limitations.


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