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Re: debootstrap: [idea] force review before commit to master


On Wed, 16 May 2018, Philipp Kern wrote:
> I think what would be useful is coming up with a bunch of test cases and
> adding them to Gitlab's CI feature.

We have a few tests (probably need to be expanded) in debian/tests/ and
they should be hooked with Gitlab CI, yes.

> Personally I think that for changes you are not sure about, you propose the
> merge request and assign it to a reviewer. This might or might not require
> some liberal adding of reviewers to the project, though. I know Debian
> doesn't usually roll on code reviews, but of course I don't disagree that
> they would be useful. But I don't think the solution is "allow to push" ->
> "no one". Gitlab doesn't stop you from doing the reviews anyway even if
> that's not set.

Agreed, we should not forbid direct push (we have plenty of trivial
changes that don't require any merge request). But we should encourage the
use of reviews for new features or significant changes or changes where
one is unsure.

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